Why Bolocity.com

You are competing against many similar businesses in your area and all of them are trying to find affordable ways of getting your customers into their establishments.  Most businesses don't have a marketing budget, but for those businesses that do, their marketing budget can be from a few hundred dollars a week to thousands of dollars a month, trying to stay ahead of you, their competition.  Studies have shown that once a person have seen or heard about a product or service several times they will eventually purchase it, if the opportunity arises.  So, with that being known, these businesses are constantly looking for affordable ways of get their products and services in front of potential customers to eventually be the first name that comes to mind, when in need.

There are several local advertising sources available to choose from, but among all of them, listing your business in an online directory is one of the most affordable. Today, over 70% of local people search online for products or services before buying, and statistics show that 85% of purchases originated from an online search.  These are very compelling facts, and those percentages will continue to increase, as more people connect to the internet using their PCs, tablets, and smart phones. 

With YouTube, surpassing over 1 million views a day and Facebook and Twitter with over 300 million members each, promoting your business through video and social media is also important to build your customer base.  These are just a few reasons why having a business listing on Bolocity.com is a necessity. 

Bolocity.com is not an ordinary online directory.  Because, unlike other online directories, Bolocity.com provides marketing tools and features that far exceeds what typical online directories provide. If these tools and features are used effectively, the return on your investment (ROI) will be seen almost immediately.


What Comes With Our Partnership


Premium Listing:

We provide a premium listing with up to 5 relatable categories for your business.  This increases your business's chance of its listing being in front of potential customers 5 times more. 

Multiple Key Words:

In addition to the categories, we allow a listing to have multiple-relatable key words.  This gives businesses more autonomy to show their uniqueness and specialty to attract more potential patrons. 

FREE Deals/Coupons:

Everyone loves a deal, including you, and Bolocity.com is giving your business FREE deal/coupon listings because we believe in helping you make a profit, not us taking your profit.   Many major group discount sites commonly require businesses to discount their product or service about 50% and the remaining 50% is split between businesses and the major discount sites, leaving businesses making about 25 cents on the dollar.  We, on the other hand, recommend that you discount your products and services based on the demands in your area (typically 15-50%), and you keep the remaining percentage, which causes a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario. The customers win because you are offering a great discount on your products or services.  You win because you gain new customers and do not have to share your profits, and we win because your business listing and deals are featured on Bolocity.com, offering great savings to our users.  Get FREE coupons by subscribing to any listing package above the bronze level.

Different Types of Deals/Coupons:

You are able to create three different types of deals/coupons: a random code, a UPC code, and a deal phrase.  If you create a deal/coupon with a random code, the customers will get a random code when redeeming it.  If you create a deal/coupon with a UPC code, the customers will be able to redeem their deal/coupon by allowing you to scan the barcode displayed on their smartphones, using your POS system (like those big-box stores).  If you create a deal/coupon using the phrase option, you can have the customers repeat the deal phrase in order for them to get the discount.

Quick Response Code:

Once you add your business listing on Bolocity.com, a QR code is generated for you to start advertising it immediately.  By advertising your QR code using other advertising methods like printed ads, flyers, and table tents, you will be able to attract mobile users to your listing where your business profile, video commercial, images and deals/coupons will be in front of potential customers wanting to buy your products or services.  This is definitely a plus for businesses needing a mobile friendly website that offers discounts to customers without the hassle of owning a website, because your customers are mobile and so should you.

Social Connections: 

Every listing and deal on Bolocity.com can be sent through social media.  Visitors viewing your listing can send your deals/coupons to their followers/friends on all the popular social media websites, giving your products or services the potential of going viral.

Contact Form:

Every listing has a contact form and that contact form’s main purpose is to help you communicate directly with potential customers. It allows you to engage with your visitors and build a rapport with them, to possibly gain them as a customer.  This also could possibly improve your ratings whenever your customer post a review.

Lead Generator:

At Bolocity.com, we know how valuable a warm lead is for any business, and that is why we include this feature in all our packages.  Every time a customer redeems one of your deals/coupons, our system will allow you to send that same customer furture deals/coupons, in the future via email or SMS.

FREE SMS Marketing System:

Many businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a month for SMS campaigns however, with our Diamond listing, you will be able to send your customers deals and specials via SMS, FREE.  Having this capability to communicate with customers and offer them deals and coupons on demand, gives you an advantage over your competition.  This feature alone is worth listing your business on Bolocity.com. 

FREE Banner Ad and Advertising Discounts:

By subscribing to any of Bolocity.com's paid listings, you will receive a FREE customized designed banner for your listing.  You will also receive significant discounts on future tools and features, as we add them.  All these great features and services make listing your business on Bolocity.com a MUST.